Written by Chloe D


Posted on July 14 2015

It is amazing to see a face transform as you work on it. Even the shape! By adding some matte bronzer (or a colour up to two shades darker than your own skin) to a fan or angle powder brush, you can begin to 'contour'.

Remember to blend!

To make a face more narrow - very lightly sweep up and down along the side of the face from just under your ear and down the jaw line.

Hide a double chin - use the fan brush and powder mentioned above and sweep down and under the jaw line.

High forehead? Long chin? - With the fan brush, sweep along the top of the forehead to give the illusion that the hairline is lower than it actually it. Sweep along the bottom of your chin to make it appear shorter. Doing both will give you a shorter looking face. 

Make a nose appear slimmer - With an angle powder brush, add contour by sweeping the top length of the nose, and the sides. Blend very well.

Make a nose appear shorter - add contour to the tip of the nose with an angle powder brush.


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