Be an Ihana® Influencer

To keep our content fresh and also offer the best prices possible to our awesome buyers, we love to outsource our photography to amazing influencers skilled in taking gorgeous photos. If you have the following, then tell us all about it to have a chance to get a freebie from us in return for a pic or more!

- an amazing feed with high quality images taken by you or the person who would take the photos for Ihana® on your behalf, that represent what you are able to produce for us;

- a minimum of 2000 followers;

- regular and legitimate positive comments in your posts;

- no political or controversial content.

*the above criteria is subject to change without notice.

**we have limits on how much we can give away, so not everyone will be able to receive a free item in return for a pic(s). 

We look forward to hearing from you!