Written by Chloe D


Posted on September 20 2014

A gorgeously stunning smokey eye can turn heads. Apply this technique on any eye shape and prepare to dazzle! It is best to practice with light colours first, as getting it wrong with dark colours can be messy.


The shades used in this application is best for a night out....have some fun and see what you like for day!


Difficulty: Easy


Technique Overview: Palest colour is the base (normally a nude/ivory colour). Medium adds colour and shade. Darkest defines and contours.


  • With a medium size shadow brush, sweep a pale ivory/nude colour from the lash line up to the brow. This not only prepares the area for work but also highlights your brown bone, giving the effect of space and light around the eye.

  • Apply eyeliner with the eyeliner brush. If you are going for a brown or grey smokey eye, do the liner in one of these colours, making it slightly thicker in the middle. If going for pink or violet smokey eye a liner in one of these colours, and so on.

  • With a shadow brush, no large than medium size, sweep the medium colour over your lid from the lash line and into the socket (crease). Sweep the colour up and out.....not in towards the corner of the eye, as this will make your eyes appear smaller. Don't drag it out.....just sweep it so that it fades as you go.

  • With a shadow brush, apply the darkest colour to the outer corner of your eyes. Carefully ensure that it is blended with the medium colour to achieve a flawless finish with no lines.

  • With a flat tipped brush, apply a soft line of the darker shadow along the top lashes. Then the lower lashes. Smudge the lower with a Q tip to give a smokey effect.

  • Mascara, mascara, mascara! Apply as much as you like on the top lashes, but never more than once on the bottom lashes.


  • You can never have too much mascara on the top lashes. One coat on the bottom is fine.

  • Eye shadow can always be doubled up as eyeliner! Simply dampen the brush, dip it in your shadow and away you go!

  • Try a blue mascara for blue eyes. Stunning.

  • Never lean on a clients face. If you must touch their skin with your palm to keep steady, place a tissue between your flesh and theirs. But don't lean on them!

There are many different versions of a smokey eye application, but we find this the easiest. Hope you do too!