Ihana® Home & Life - NEW!

Written by Chloe D


Posted on October 12 2021

Ihana® is excited to announce that early 2022 will see some massive changes on this site and everywhere that our brand is sold.

Homewares & Lifestyle products has always been our jam, and this has been apparent across our parent company brands. But managing so many brands and IP has been exhausting, to say the least, and to be honest, nothing says 'perfection' like Ihana®. So we're combining all of our lifestyle and homeware brands into one!

Ihana® will showcase the best of the best in homewares and lifestyle products. Every single item will forever be carefully selected for you. That means that you are going to have a hard time choosing what to add to cart, but it's better than finding nothing at all, right?!

Like you, our pet hate is visiting a hundred stores to find one thing, if anything at all. Then, when you find that one store that has more than one thing you have to have, you bookmark it and keep coming back for more. It's the first(and likely only) store you go to for a guaranteed purchase.

We want to be that store. And we will be.

Keep checking in for our latest picks and products! We look forward to living the Ihana® life with you!