Luscious Lips

Written by Chloe D


Posted on April 30 2015

A makeup application is not complete without great looking lips. This, fortunately, is easy to achieve as really, even a dab of gloss can complete the look.


But if wearing lipstick, here is just one example of the way to do it:

  • Fill your lips with a natural colour liner first. This will make the lipstick/gloss last longer.

  • Apply your lipstick with a lip brush, fingers, or straight from the tube.

  • Line the edges of your lips to perfect the shape of your lips and achieve a natural finish.


  • Again, if training for a professional certification, you should know that people probably won't want you touching their face, and using it straight from the tube is a no-go too, as it transfers one persons lip property to another! Ugh! Brush is best in these circumstances.

  • Some prefer to apply the liner BEFORE the lipstick as they say it is too hard to see the line of your lips after applying lipstick. You decide!

  • Never use a liner that is darker than the shade you are wearing. At least match it to your lipstick/gloss, or go lighter.

  • Lick your lips before taking a sip from a glass or mug to stop it coming off onto it.

  • If there is no more of your fave lipstick left in the tube, you can still make it last! Simply scoop it all out into a mini eye shadow tub or similar, and mix with vaseline or clear lip gloss. Pop a lid on it and there you go!

  • For fuller looking lips, dab a dollop of lip gloss to the centre of lip. Don't blot or purse lips together!