Written by Chloe D


Posted on March 18 2015

Blush in the right shade can give you the glow of health, and the sparkle of class. There are many different types out there, but we will give you the run down on applying powder blusher, which is applied after your concealer, foundation and powder.


Difficulty: Easy


Technique Overview: Smile whilst applying! Start light and build up if required.

  • Apply pigment to the brush, and tap lightly to let excess fall off.

  • Smile! This will help find the apple of your cheek.

  • Sweep the brush in light strokes over the 'apple' and up toward the top of your ear. It should fade out into the foundation as you go up.|

  • If it looks too much, then simply brush some powder lightly over the blush.


  • A few easy ways to select the perfect blush colour is to match it to your shade after you have had a workout, pinch your cheeks and wait a few seconds or even simply just match it to your lip colour, as long as you don't wear purple or bright red!

  • Fair skinned people look great in cool pinks, rose and mauve.

  • Warm coloured skin should use earthy colours.

  • All skin tones look great with naturals that mimics a tan, such as a bronzer.