Written by Chloe D


Posted on June 18 2014

Want to know how to get the perfect foundation shade for your skin?

To get the right colour foundation for your skin, do a test patch on your jaw line. This is where you will find the truest match.

Difficulty: Easy

Technique Overview: Blending is paramount for a flawless finish. 

  • Using either your fingers, sponge or foundation brush, dab a small amount of foundation onto the cheeks, chin, forehead and nose. Spread evenly, ensuring that you blend into the jaw line and hairline.

  • You can apply concealer if required on top of your foundation. Sometimes foundation application can remove the concealer underneath, so you may have to reapply lightly.

  • Apply loose powder to set the foundation as soon as you are done, before applying the rest of your makeup.


  • If you are practising makeup for professional training, we recommend getting used to using a brush, as this is preferred in the industry. Most people also don't like other peoples fingers touching their face unless they are being massaged! Sponge is also accepted, of course.

  • Mineral foundation powder rocks! But if you are in training for professional work, then it is best to learn the hard way.

  • To apply mineral foundation loose powder, simply dab a soft kabuki brush into powder and shake off excess, and work the powder in circular motions on your face. This activates the powder and makes blending a breeze. No need to set with loose powder unless you prefer to.

  • Never lean on a clients face. If you must touch their skin with your palm to keep steady, place a tissue between your flesh and theirs. But don't lean on them!