Natural vs Vegan

Natural hair has aways been the preferred choice for  many makeup artists as it has to do with the structure of natural hair, which has a scale-like structure on the cuticle, or outside shell, of the hair. This structure allows natural hair brushes to hold and release powder with ease, making application smooth and flawless.
Having said that, nowadays, a high quality Vegan (synthetic) brush can give natural ones a run for their money, albeit without the scale-like structure! Opting between the natural and synthetic brushes is purely based on the end use or purpose and personal belief of the user.
For those who want the benefits of natural hair, animal hair such as goat, squirrel and badger hair brushes are the most popular choices. Natural hair is widely available, and brushes made with this hair can include first-cut, extra soft tips, or the less expensive, less superior blunt-cut hair. Ihana only use the very best first-cut, extra soft tipped goat hair in their natural hair brushes.
Many consumers prefer an eco-friendly, vegan option when it comes to their makeup brushes. Synthetic hair brushes made from materials such as Nylon and Taklon are durable and long-lasting, and with rapdily evolving technology, they are getting closer to natural hair all the time.  Whilst natural hair brushes are still the go-to brush for most professional makeup artists, Ihana Vegan brushes are turning heads, and opinions!