Our Beauty-ful Policies

Just because we cater to both natural and vegan brush enthusiasts, doesn't mean we think it ends there.
Ihana brushes are designed in-house, and so is our gorgeous packaging. We think it doesn't make sense to love beauty products, only for them to be presented in a boring case, so we have lots of fun designing the most delicious pouches for you!
From our smart black cases, to our bright and colorful Gelato ones, there is a great range for you to choose from.
And you totally have to check out our POP! Kabuki brushes, with their bright colors and unexplainably soft yet strong handles.
All Ihana brushes are made of the highest quality hair available, without comprising our ethics.
The brushes in our sets feature high quality ferrules to hold the hair in place, with perfectly placed crimps securing it to the handle.
They also feature bamboo handles, and are stamped with our logo and brush number for easy reference.
The cases are made of the highest qaulity faux leather, and we have some really groovy colors, depending on what you decide to go for!
We are committed to manufacturing the very best cosmetic brushes, but we won't sacrifice
our ethics for it.
That's why we do our very best to ensure that
our natural hair is as ethically sourced as possible from our suppliers.
Whilst there is the option of many types of hair for cosmetic brushes, we refuse to manufacture using squirrel or weasel hair, as we do not
believe that such small creatures can be treated with the appropriate amount of care we require in our hair collection process.
The quest for beauty will never end, but with everyones help, unfair treatment of animals can.